NJ Private Disability Insurance Can Help Employee Recruiting and Retention

As a smart NJ business owner, you understand your employees are your most treasured resource. And providing the right employee benefits can go a long way toward retaining top talent.

Have you considered adding NJ private disability insurance to your list of benefits to provide employees with better service, faster payouts, and potentially lower premiums? 

Today’s Employees Want Ancillary Benefits, Not a Free Lunch

According to a recent study by online marketing agency Fractl, 88% of jobseekers said they look for employee benefits, including dental and vision coverage. Many employees (54%) said they would give a job offering these benefits “heavy consideration” over a job with a higher salary but fewer benefits. 

That’s pretty compelling evidence to seek out an employee benefits plan your employees will love. 

Here are some even more compelling facts about NJ private disability insurance and ancillary benefits. 

Fully covered dental insurance could cost as little as $576 per year, per employee. And vision coverage could range as low as $60 to $120, depending on the plan, where you live, and the size of your company. 

It gets better, too.

You can provide these benefits as voluntary, employee funded benefits, which means no money out-of-pocket for you. 

Especially in highly competitive industries like the tech sector or telecom companies, providing these benefits can set your company apart, help you retain your best workers, and recruit new talent. 

Here at EZTDB, we can help you get highly coveted dental and vision benefits for a fraction of the cost by bundling these ancillary benefits with your NJ private disability insurance. 

Follow the Law… But Not the Crowd

By law, all businesses with New Jersey-based employees must provide New Jersey TDB coverage, which provides partial income replacement should employees become ill, injured, or unable to work. 

Some of the smartest business owners opt for private NJ disability insurance rather than writing their coverage through the state, or the NJ State Insurance Fund (NJSIF). 

If you want to get the most out of your TDB insurance policy, you should privatize it instead of just sticking to the State plan.

You are no longer required by the law to get employees’ consent to do so, which means you can speak with a representative today and get the paperwork in order to privatize TDB immediately.

You’ll protect your business from potential insurance rate hikes imposed by the State of New Jersey. You’ll also:

  • Save on premiums
  • Enjoy better service
  • Add value with ancillary benefits like dental and vision coverage

Offer Better Benefits to Your Employees with NJ Private Disability Insurance

Only a private carrier allows you to upgrade your benefits plan, take advantage of multi-line discounts, and offer more flexibility to your employees in payment options.

Remember, you’ll save money with multi-line discounts by adding dental, vision, group life insurance, and 401K options to your employee benefits packages. Strong benefits packages including ancillary benefits help make recruitment and retention easier, especially in the most competitive industries. 

Choose EZTDB to Privatize Your Disability Insurance in NJ

Selecting and taking advantage of private TDB to provide better benefits to employees as well as to save up to 15% or more on your premiums does not have to be complicated or time-consuming.

EZTDB, as your insurance expert, helps you get the best disability insurance for small businesses in New Jersey. Partner with us to get quality service on and choose the NJ private disability insurance plan that’s best for you and your employees.