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New Jersey TDB: Private Disability Insurance Saves NJ Business Owners on Insurance Rate Hikes and Rising Premiums


There’s a secret most New Jersey business owners and H.R. managers don’t know about New Jersey TDB: You don’t have to settle for the New Jersey TDB plans offered by the New Jersey Department of Labor.

Yet, despite the cost savings and improved service, 98% of business owners still write New Jersey TDB through the State Plan.

They don’t realize there’s a better option: Private Disability Insurance. NJ business owners can save money and enjoy better service from trusted insurance carriers with just one simple phone call.

Isn’t it time for New Jersey business owners to flip the pyramid?

New Jersey has waived the signature requirement, allowing employers to switch to a private TDB plan without added paperwork hassles.

Privatizing TDB coverage allows you to customize benefits packages and save money with multi-line discounts on ancillary benefits, improving recruiting and retention so you can stay ahead of your competitors.


Lives Are Serviced By Our Organization


Taxable Wage Base Increase Per Employee


TDB Benefit Increase: January 1, 2022
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Protect Yourself from Potential New Jersey TDB Insurance Rate Hikes & Save Big on Premiums

Temporary disability insurance premiums continue going up each year, with the biggest rate hike in history taking place in July 2021.

Business owners and HR managers in the State of New Jersey don’t realize they can save their employees – and their organizations – money by privatizing TDB. Plus, they’ll enjoy better service and faster payouts by purchasing temporary disability insurance in New Jersey through a top-rated carrier.

If we told you that you could have a hiring advantage over 98% of New Jersey businesses, wouldn’t you want to be a part of that elite 2%?

EZTDB has better options available for you so that you can get the most out of your insurance policy. Our aim is to make you a part of the elite 2% of business owners who enjoy the best service with private TDI in N.J.

Purchasing NJ Private Disability Insurance is Easier than Ever

There’s even more good news for New Jersey business owners who want to provide their employees with the best benefits packages available to stay competitive across the Northeast.

New Jersey has waived the signature requirement to privatize TDI. That means employers can switch to a private TDI plan in New Jersey without added paperwork hassles. And here at EZTDB, our local representatives are happy to walk you through the entire process.

As of 2019, employers in New Jersey no longer need to solicit signatures from 50% + 1 of their employees in order to be able to switch to a private plan.

You can simply contact us for private TDI plan in New Jersey and choose from a wide range of insurance carriers offering temporary disability benefit insurance in N.J.

You’ll save big on premiums. Plus:

  • Benefit from white-glove, personalized service
  • Claims paid in the employees’ choice of payment forms (check, debit card, direct deposit)
  • Save even more by bundling ancillary benefits with statutory TDB
  • 24/7 chat means someone is always available to help you

Save Even More with Ancillary Benefits

EZTDB’s local New Jersey insurance experts can also write your company’s ancillary benefits, including vision and dental coverage, long-term disability, group life, and 401K plans.

Benefit from our 40-years-plus relationships with top insurance providers to get discounts and preferred customer service, especially if you bundle your New Jersey TDB and ancillary benefits into one plan.

EZTDB helps you by:

  • Reviewing your application for Short-Term Disability Insurance in New Jersey and coordinating with the insurance carriers for formal Private Plan approval. (All you have to do is let us know the number of lives, male and female, in your organization).
  • Sending you a reminder to notify your payroll company of the change from the State to Private Plan coverage.
  • Directly emailing you your policy kit. You will receive an invoice from us each quarter.
  • Making sure your short-term disability insurance application gets sent to The State for a formal private plan.

Improve Employee Retention

NJ private disability coverage allows you to customize benefits packages, save money by utilizing multi-line discounts on ancillary benefits, and improve recruiting and retention – so you can stay ahead of your competitors.

With your northeast neighbors New York, Massachusetts, and Connecticut all beefing up their temporary disability and paid family leave insurance offerings, plus New Jersey’s massive rate hike for TDB coverage through the state, NJ business owners will have to fight harder than ever to stay competitive.

If you want to attract top talent, you’ll need top benefits to match.

By law, New Jersey Temporary Disability Insurance must be the same as or better than the state plan, at costs equal to or below NJ state premiums.

Our New Jersey TDB plans come out head-and-shoulders above competitors due to our:

  • Renowned service
  • 40 years of relationships in the statutory insurance industry across the New York and New Jersey region
  • Multiple plan options
  • Affordable ancillary benefits packages

Today’s workforce knows what’s important, and the right benefits make a difference. Bundle vision, dental, and Group Life/AD&D with private TDI coverage to keep your employees happy – and to keep them with your company.

The world is changing rapidly. You don’t want your top employees to decide to make a change. Show them how much you value their contributions with benefit options that won’t cost you any additional money – but will benefit everyone in your organization, from hourly employees to c-level executives and partners.

Temporary Disability insurance: The Benefit that Helps Business Owners and Top-level Employees, Too

Think about it: Should you become ill or disabled, you might be able to tap into your personal savings or your investments. But do you really want to borrow against your investments in a down market? (The answer, as most financial advisors would tell you, is no.)

Your private disability insurance in NJ gives you a means to minimize the financial impact on your family if you can’t work for up to 26 weeks, by replacing a portion of your income. Let your investments continue accruing interest. Keep your credit score up by not touching those credit cards.

New Jersey TDB can help you weather the storm until you’re well enough to work again. Yes, it’s a statutory benefit. But if something happens and you need to make a claim, don’t you want the best service available?

EZ TDB ensures you’re working with a reputable carrier and local insurance experts who are attuned to your needs and there when you need us.

With an easy claims process, flexible payouts, and service you can trust, there’s no reason NOT to privatize your TDB coverage with us today.

Learn the secret only 2% of New Jersey business owners and HR executives have discovered. Privatize New Jersey TDB now, before another quarter passes and you short-change yourself – and your employees – yet again.

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We can also write your company’s ancillary benefits, including dental and vision coverage, long-term disability, group life, and 401K plans. You’ll benefit from our 40-year-plus relationships with top insurance carriers to receive discounts and preferred customer service, especially when you bundle your TDB and ancillary benefits into one plan.

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