NJ Business Owners: You Can Still Get the Insurance Help You Need on Summer Fridays

Have you noticed, recently, that as the days grow longer during the summer, workdays – and work weeks – get shorter?

Many companies, including our EZTDB corporate offices, close early for Summer Fridays. But, in a post-pandemic era and a tight labor market with more workers looking for flexible hours and the ability to work remotely, “Summer Fridays” are expanding to “Summer Thursdays.”

Couple long summer weekends with people taking PTO for vacations, and it may be hard to find the service you need from many of the vendors, service providers, and supply chain partners you need to keep your business running smoothly.

The struggle is real. But here at EZTDB, we never want you to struggle with getting the insurance help you need, including finding lower rates and getting your answers to questions about claims answered.

Privatize TDB Coverage for Better Service

One key reason to privatize your NJ TDB coverage is to get better service. The New Jersey state office that administers state-run TDB plans – the Division of Temporary Disability and Family Leave Insurance – doesn’t have representatives available 24/7 for your questions. Most of the insurance help they provide is through online forms and the Department of Labor and Workforce Development online portal.

You may experience delays in receiving your claim payouts, and there’s less flexibility in how you can receive your TDB or Family Leave Insurance benefits. Even when it’s not summer, the state isn’t renowned for their white-glove customer service. And these problems can be compounded when it’s summer and more people are taking time off.

Smart business owners, instead, are privatizing their TDB coverage for better service, faster and more flexible payouts, plus the ability to save money with an ancillary benefits package that may include voluntary worksite benefits, dental, vision, and group life / AD&D.

Recruit Better Employees by Offering the Benefits They Care About

At EZTDB, we strive to be a resource for New Jersey business owners looking to save money on not just temporary disability benefits (NJ TDB) but other benefits that can help recruit and retain top talent. The right benefits package can help recruit and retain employees even better than flexible or remote work arrangements in 2022.

According to the Society for Human Resource Management’s 2022 Employee Benefits Survey, 88% of employees in 2022 ranked health-related benefits at “very” or “extremely important,” compared to 70% who ranked “flexible work benefits” the same way. Health-related benefits can include dental, life, vision, and accident insurance. Additionally, 82% ranked “leave benefits” as “very” or “extremely” important.

Although EZTDB’s employees do enjoy summer Fridays and other perks – including summer company get-togethers – we make sure our customers come first.

Whether you are looking to privatize TDB or have a question about a claim you can reach someone at any time through our online chat feature. You can also quickly get a quote for privatized TDB coverage online here.  

Even though it’s summer, we don’t lose sight of our goals to help more NJ business owners enjoy the tremendous benefits of writing their TDB coverage through a top-rated private carrier and continue to offer the concierge-level service you expect and deserve.