Protect yourself from rate hikes and save up to 20% on TDB.

Business owners in New Jersey are fortunate to have the option to shop for temporary disability insurance through private insurance agencies and insurance carriers. As of 2019, employers no longer have to solicit signatures from 50% + 1 of their employees to switch to a private plan. Employers and H.R. directors are free to work with their insurance agent to shop around for the best deal on TDB coverage. By purchasing your plan with a private carrier, you can save as much as 15 to 20 percent on your premiums. And, by law, payments and the duration of coverage must be the same as - or better than - offered by the state.

Only a private carrier gives you the option to upgrade your benefits plan, offer your employees more flexibility in payment options, and even take advantage of multi-line discounts with vision, dental, long-term disability, and group life insurance. Protect yourself from potential insurance rate hikes imposed by the State of New Jersey, get lower rates, greater value, and better service by shopping for private Temporary Disability Benefits with EZTDB.

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Join the elite 2% of business owners who enjoy the best service with private TDB.

When you deal with the government in any transaction, you rarely get the best service. Yet, 98% of New Jersey businesses still write their insurance through the State Plan. Most don’t know there’s a better option available, guaranteed by law to provide the same (or better) service and benefits coverage for the same (or lower) prices.

EZTDB is staffed by expert employee benefits specialists who are committed not only to saving you money on your temporary disability insurance, but to providing concierge-level service with every phone call and transaction.

We write our TDB policies with the best carriers in the business, who are also known for their service.

Eighty percent of buyers across multiple industries, says that the customer experience is as important as a company’s products or services, according to a report by Salesforce. And 57% of customers reported they stopped buying from a company because a competitor provided a better experience.

And yet, 98% of New Jersey business owners haven’t switched their mandatory TDB policy from the State Plan, in spite of slow claims and poor service.

Why aren’t New Jersey business owners holding the state to the same high standards when it comes to their TDB policies?

Even though it’s a mandatory benefit, you don’t have to settle for a sub-par experience when you buy TDB in New Jersey. When you work with EZTDB, your dedicated local account manager will work with you to write a TDB plan with the greatest value and lowest premiums, recommend ancillary benefits for multi-line discounts, and even help you with TDB claims for faster payments.

It’s never been easier to privatize TDB in New Jersey. Let us help you.


Financial stress increases absenteeism and reduces productivity, hurting employees, and business owners.

Temporary disability benefits can help someone who is sick, temporarily injured or disabled, or on maternity leave make it through an emotionally, physically, and financially challenging time.

But delayed TDB payments can make it hard for employees to catch up financially, even after they’ve recovered. And financial stress is a major distraction at work. It’s been shown to cause a 34% increase in absenteeism and lateness. It results in decreased productivity across the board.

The right insurance plan can’t solve all your employees’ financial problems, but it can make it easier for those who have to make TDB claims to get back on their feet - literally and figuratively - after an illness or injury.

Privatized TDB gives business owners and their employees more flexibility and greater convenience when making a claim.

Privatized TDB pays out faster than the State Plan – sometimes as quick as one week from the date the claim is processed. Claims processing is also faster with private plans.

With private TDB, payment terms can mirror your company’s pay periods, with a choice of weekly or bi-weekly benefits. You can continue to budget the way you always have and leave your emergency savings reserve where it belongs – accruing interest.

Private TDB plans also allow disability claimants to choose between debit, check, or direct deposit. It’s your money – you should be able to receive it and spend it as you choose. TDB is about giving employees time to heal from an illness or injury or bond with a newborn without worrying about finances. Private TDB insurers understand and do everything possible to make TDB claims and payouts as stress-free as possible.

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Stay Informed About Policies and Claims

Embrace real-time, up-to-date information through our Web portal.

More than ever, in today’s society, the computers on our desks and the phones in our pockets have become our lifeline to data and real-time information. More people than ever before rely on mobile apps and online portals to give us the information we need about everything from travel arrangements to insurance policies.

In fact, 89% of U.S. consumers expect brands and organizations to have an online self-service support portal, and 91 percent say they would use an online knowledgebase if it were tailored to their needs.

As an EZTDB customer, you’ll enjoy the convenience of accessing your TDB insurance information through our convenient, SSL-encrypted Web portal. Check the status of employees’ claims quickly and easily. Pay your premiums online, verify due dates, and check the status of your payments. It couldn’t be easier.

Each year, you’ll a PDF via email every year outlining your new benefit information for the year, along with a summary of claims for the year. You can go online to access monthly or quarterly claims reports, which are also emailed directly to you.

Of course, it’s also nice to have access to fast, friendly phone support when it’s needed. At EZTDB, we believe in empowering our customers with the information they need, while keeping the lines of communication open at all times.

Use your personalized employer Web portal to stay in-the-know about your TDB insurance, or pick up the phone and call us if you have any questions.

Customize Your Benefits Plan

Increase employee satisfaction with customized benefits.

The State of New Jersey has established minimum payouts for Temporary Disability Benefits. But if you work in a highly competitive industry dedicated to recruiting top talent, you may want to offer your employees more than the New Jersey state minimums.

In fact, 75% of employees say customized benefits are an important consideration when accepting a new job, and 88% say they achieve higher job satisfaction when they can customize their benefits.

Of course, higher job satisfaction is linked to better retention rates.

Strong benefits packages that include better TDB coverage along with ancillary benefits make recruiting and retention easier. You’ll even save money with multi-line discounts by adding dental, vision, group life, and 401K options to your employee benefits packages.

In addition to offering ancillary benefits, 401K, and group life, you can customize your employee’s TDB coverage when you write your policies through EZTDB.

Opt for a plan with no base week, which means that every employee is eligible for TDB from their very first day of employment. New Jersey’s basic TDB plan provides only base week coverage, which means claimants must have earned 20 base weeks, or 1,000 times the state minimum wage, within the past 52 weeks before making a claim.

Only private TDB insurance lets you choose a better benefits package than the state mandates, plus multi-line discounts on important ancillary benefits that help you keep your employees longer and keep them happier and more engaged at work.

You don’t have to follow the crowd. Contact EZTDB today and learn the advantages of privatized TDB in New Jersey.

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Opt for a plan with no base week, which means that every employee is eligible for TDB

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