NJ State Temporary Disability Insurance for Tech Companies

The state of New Jersey mandates that all technology companies with full-time employees provide NJ State Temporary Disability Insurance to all full-time employees.NJ TDB covers employers and employees with partial income replacement for up to 26 weeks if they have become injured or ill, with a non-work-related disability, and cannot perform their core job functions.

The law applies to all businesses with employees in the state of New Jersey, including, technology firms such as:

  • E-commerce companies
  • Software-as-a-Service providers
  • App developers
  • Web hosting companies
  • IT service providers
  • Internet marketing companies
  • Tele-health
  • Hardware
  • Medical technology
  • AI
  • Robotics

If you own a technology company with employees in New Jersey, you must provide NJ state temporary disability insurance.

How NJ Technology Companies Can Save with Private TDB Coverage

Most New Jersey tech company founders and owners don’t realize a secret that can put money in their pocket and set them ahead of their peers when it comes to attracting top talent to their tech firm.

You can privatize NJ state temporary disability insurance through a private carrier, reduce your insurance premiums, and receive better customer service than you’d receive through the state.

By law, private disability insurance in New Jersey must provide benefits equal to or better than the state plan, with premiums the same as – or lower – than the state premiums.

New Jersey tech business owners can’t lose by privatizing TDB, plus private TDB comes with a host of other advantages, too.

  • Work with top, financially stable, insurance carriers
  • Get white-glove service
  • Faster claims service, quicker payouts
  • Save additional money by bundling ancillary benefits to stay competitive

Recruit and Retain Top Tech Talent in NJ with a Better Benefits Plan

New Jersey isn’t Silicon Valley or Austin, Texas. But it does have a robust tech industry that draws talent from across the state, as well as from neighboring New York City and New York and Pennsylvania suburbs.

New Jersey’s temporary disability benefits already sit head-and-shoulders above New York’s DBL (Disability Benefits Law) statutory disability insurance.

But tech company owners in New Jersey can sweeten the deal for top talent in the tech sector by bundling New Jersey temporary disability insurance with ancillary benefits, including:

  • Vision
  • Dental
  • Group Life/AD&D

By writing your benefits plans through one of EZTDB’s top carriers and leveraging our 40+ years of relationships in the insurance industry, you’ll:

  • Save money
  • Enjoy better service
  • Gain access to the benefits that help you attract and retain top talent

Reports say that 55% of tech workers look for competitive compensation and employee benefits when they evaluate job offers. The top 12 tech companies in the U.S., including places like Salesforce, Tesla, and Google, regularly offer vision, dental, and life insurance to employees.

As a tech company owner in New Jersey, you don’t have to spend a fortune to offer benefits just like these technology leaders. You can bundle vision, dental and group life/AD&D with your state-mandated temporary disability coverage for cost-savings and convenience.

Privatize NJ State Temporary Disability Insurance

Many tech company leaders don’t know that they can privatize their NJ state temporary disability insurance through a carrier of their choice. New Jersey waived the signature requirement that was previously needed to switch from the state to a private plan, making it easier than ever to save up to 20% or more on your premiums.

As NJ state temporary disability insurance premiums continue to rise each year, every dollar you can save counts toward your profitability and your bottom line.

Why are only 2% of New Jersey business owners taking advantage of private disability insurance? In most cases, they just don’t know any better.

When you work with EZTDB, our New Jersey insurance experts will help you write the plan that’s best for you, including the benefits your top employees want the most, with low rates on private disability insurance.

Contact EZTDB to join the elite tech companies in New Jersey who bundle ancillary benefits with private temporary disability insurance now.