Switching from New Jersey State TDI Plan to a Private Plan— How It Makes More Sense

The New Jersey Temporary Disability Benefits Law permits employers to cover their workers under private plans for the payment of disability benefits — payable under the State Plan. Though the employers in NJ always had this option, private TDI plans have gained more popularity recently after an important update in the law that has waived off the need for employers to get employee consent to go private.

How It Affects Employers

No Need to Get Employee Consent
Getting employee consent (soliciting signatures from 50% + 1 employees) was a major barrier for employers who didn’t want to opt for the State Plan, but because the law has now changed, employers can shop for the best private disability plans in New Jersey without having to worry about getting employee consent.

Enjoy Better Benefits
Employers can now shop for private TDI plans in the open market and enjoy better benefits. They can make significant savings, nearly up to 20% depending on the plan. They can even pass on the benefits to employees, thus pushing employee retention.

A Wide Range of Options
Unlike just one State Plan that you were earlier forced to stick to, you get a lot of options in private plans. Depending on your requirements, you can choose a plan that best suits your needs. Such plans may be contracts of insurance issued by authorized carriers, by you as a self-insurer, or by agreements between you and the union.

No Need to Contribute to State Disability Benefits Fund
Covered employers with private plans, as well as their workers, are relieved of contributions to the State Disability Benefits Fund.


  • All private plans are approved and monitored by the Division of Temporary Disability Insurance, Private Plan Compliance Section.
  • Employers and workers are relieved of contributions as long as the coverage is continued under the private plan.

Privatize TDI with EZTDB
EZTDB assists covered employers in New Jersey to pick a private TDI plan from a pool of insurance carriers (approved by the State). Compare rates, discuss benefits, and find the best private disability insurance in NJ. Contact EZTDB today!