Attract and Retain Top Legal Talent with Private Temporary Disability Insurance

Disabling injuries or illnesses can affect anyone at any time. From the attorneys in your law firm to legal aides, clerks, and the other essential individuals who keep your New Jersey law firm running, your employees could experience a career-threatening disability or illness at any time.

Private temporary disability insurance can help them through – possibly enabling a successful return to your law firm once they’ve healed.

We all harbor concerns of how we will care for our families financially in the event of a debilitating illness or injury.

That's why it's important to provide the benefits your employees need.

Make the right choice in private temporary disability insurance for your law firm and:

  • Gain peace-of-mind for yourself, the partners in your firm, and your support staff
  • Protect your personal investments and credit score, even if you become unable to work and generate income for your family
  • Attract top talent to your law firm with a robust benefits package.

EZ TDB is here to help.

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EZTDB Makes It Easy to Offer Private Temporary Disability Insurance Coverage Options in Your Law Firm

Many law firms offer disability insurance to employees under state TDB. Choosing a private plan, instead, can help you save up to 20% on annual premiums.

Best of all, thanks to legislation that passed in 2019, it's easier than ever to privatize TDB for your law firm.

EZTDB provides legal firms with better TDB plans to ensure sound financial planning and a brighter future.

After all, New Jersey law firms must strive to stay competitive by offering the best benefits packages to their attorney partners and other employees.

Private TDB in New Jersey Offers Coverage Options and Service that Meet or Exceed the State Plan

The state of New Jersey mandates temporary disability benefits for all full-time employees, providing peace-of-mind and partial income protection if you or an employee is unable to work due to an off-the-job injury or illness.

But, as a leading attorney, you know what it's like to work with the state to get anything accomplished.

New Jersey TDB claims written through the New Jersey State Insurance Fund (NYSIF) often experience delays, slow payouts, and few options in how parties can receive their funds.

You and your employees deserve better.

Writing private temporary disability insurance in NJ offers your employees - and yourself - the peace of mind you need if you have to make a TDB claim in New Jersey.

Get payouts faster, enjoy white-glove personalized service from the EZTDB team, and work with your choice of preferred carriers.

By law, private TDB plans must offer the equal or better benefits for the same price or lower than the state plan.

Your New Jersey insurance professionals at EZ TDB will leverage our 40+ years of experience in the industry to get you the lowest rates possible, most flexible coverage options, and discounts on other group benefits, too.

You can bundle TDB in New Jersey with:

  • Dental
  • Vision
  • Group Life / AD&D

Provide a robust benefits package to the partners in your law firm, as well as the support staff, to improve retention and recruit hungry new talent to your firm.

After all, in the age of a highly mobile workforce, you’re not just striving to offer better salaries and benefits packages than other law firms in New Jersey.

You need to beat out law firms in New York, Massachusetts, and Connecticut. These states have introduced – or are in the process of introducing – robust temporary disability options that also include paid family and medical leave.

Writing a private TDB plan in New Jersey can help you level the playing field, keep successful attorneys with your firm, and make it easier to recruit in the future.

Set Your Law Firm Apart with the Best Temporary Disability Insurance Plans in New Jersey

EZTDP provides temporary disability insurance plans to help legal firms in New Jersey ensure they have sufficient coverage for off-the-job illnesses and accidents, as well as pregnancies and maternity leave.

Get in touch with us to join the elite club of 2% of business owners enjoying the best service with private temporary disability insurance in New Jersey.