NJ Short Term Disability Insurance in the Finance Industry


From banks to financial advisors and even fintech firms, every NJ business in the finance industry with more than one employee is required, by law, to carry NJ short term disability insurance.

But did you know that you’re not required to write that policy through the state plan? In fact, the state of New Jersey recently made it easier than ever for businesses in the financial sector to privatize their temporary disability benefits in NJ for cost savings, better service and, in some cases, enhanced benefits packages.

Most business owners and CFOs in financial institutions have no idea that making the investment in private disability insurance can shave thousands of dollars off your operational expenses every year.

The state law mandates that any private short term disability policies in NJ must:

  • Be equal to or better than the state plan in payments and duration
  • Cost the same or less than the state plan

If we told you that you could get the exact same (or better) insurance product for the same (or less) money, wouldn’t you rush to switch?

Even better, the state of NJ recently made it easier for financial companies in NJ to make the switch to a private plan by waiving the previous signature requirement. You no longer have to get 50% + 1 of your employees to sign off on the change. You don’t have to explain to them how they’ll get a better value for their money. Just make the change and watch them thank you later.

Concierge-level Service for You and Your Employees

It’s not just cost savings and better benefits you’ll get when you move your NJ state short term disability insurance policy to a private carrier.

EZTDB leverages our 40+ years in the insurance industry to work with top carriers renowned for delivering the best service, fast payouts, and flexible payment options if you or an employee has to make a claim.

Plus, your EZTDB representative works diligently to provide concierge-level, white-glove service from the moment we start shopping your policy around for as long as you’re our customer. We are available through phone, email, or online chat to answer your questions and ensure we’re meeting your insurance needs.

Private TDB Means Better Coverage & More Savings

Shopping for Temporary Disability Insurance through a private insurance agency or carrier gives you the option to upgrade your benefits plan.

You can:

  • Take advantage of multi-line discounts with vision, dental, long-term disability, and group life insurance
  • Save as much as 15 to 20% on your insurance premiums
  • Protect yourself from potential insurance rate hikes imposed by the State of New Jersey

Recruit and Retain Top Finance Professionals with Coveted Benefits Packages

The world of finance is a competitive field, and your firm’s success depends on hiring and retaining the top minds in the industry.

A robust benefits package that includes dental, vision, group life/AD&D and long-term disability insurance for accidents or illnesses lasting longer than 26 weeks can make a difference.

Employee perks, paid time off and flexible hours are not. But today’s top-level employees still evaluate compensation and benefits packages first, before considering the other elements of a specific position.

Stay competitive by bundling your NJ state short term disability insurance coverage with other highly desirable benefits to build a strong team that will stay with your financial institution for years.

Move to the Elite Group of 2% Enjoying Private TDB Benefits in N.J.

Even though financial institutions in New Jersey are fortunate to have the option to shop for Temporary Disability Benefits privately, around 98% of them still have not done so. What these employers don’t realize is that they have the option to “opt-out” and move their coverage to a disability plan for potential savings and superior service.

Move from the crowd of 98% with State Plan to the elite group of 2% by privatizing TDB.

Why settle for a sub-par experience with state benefits when you can easily buy Temporary Disability Insurance in New Jersey?

Shop for private NJ short term disability insurance with EZTDB, and get lower rates, greater value, and better service. Contact us now to learn more.