Protect Your Employees’ Current Income And Future Earning Potential With Disability Insurance

Disabling injuries or illnesses can affect anyone at any time! Attorneys and lawyers are no exception! Employees both in legal firms as well as lawyers practicing independently – may experience career-threatening disabilities at various stages of their careers. EZTDB, through its various disability insurance benefits plans for legal services, allows lawyers and attorneys to protect both their current incomes and future earning potential.

EZTDB Offers Individual Disability Insurance Coverage for Law Firms, and Independent Lawyers and Attorneys

Many law firms offer disability insurance to employees as a group benefit. While there are advantages of opting for group disability coverage, in most cases, it isn’t sufficient protection for an attorney. For the highest earners in a law firm, there is usually a gap between the coverage provided under the terms of the firm’s group disability benefit plan and the income protection the attorneys really need. That’s why it is often advisable for law firms, as well as individual attorneys and lawyers to set up individual disability insurance coverage rather than just relying on group disability insurance for legal services. EZTDB allows legal professionals to ensure sound financial planning and get individual disability insurance benefit plans for better coverage.

Protect Yourself, Your Business And Your Family With Disability Insurance

Lawyers should consider the full financial implications of experiencing a disability. The best way to protect yourself, your family and your business from a financial crunch is to opt for individual attorney disability insurance benefits – to protect your personal income, and a separate business overhead policy – to get the coverage for the costs of keeping the business up and running until you rebuild your client base once you’re able to return to work. EZTDP provides disability insurance plans to help legal professionals ensure they have sufficient illness and accident coverage to protect their personal income, as well as access to funds necessary to cover business overhead expenses if they experience a disability.