Surprising Situations That Can Stop You From Receiving State-Run Temporary Disability Benefits in NJ

When you suffer from a non-work related illness or injury that keeps you from your job, you may be eligible for partial wage replacement through  Temporary Disability Benefits in NJ. 

To be eligible for New Jersey TDB, you must have a non-work related injury or illness that prevents you from working and be under medical treatment for the illness or injury.

Also, you must have either worked for at least 20 calendar weeks before the base year (the 52 weeks immediately prior to the week you made the disability claim) and earned at least $220 per week or earned $11,000 or more in the base year. 

However, in some cases, even if you meet the medical and earning requirements, you may not receive wages through New Jersey’s state Temporary Disability Benefits (TDB) program.

Here are a few situations in which you may not get Temporary Disability Benefits In NJ State:

  • Your illness or injury doesn’t last more than a week.
  • Your short-term disability condition began more than 14 days after your last working day with a covered employer in New Jersey.
  • You aren’t undergoing treatment for your disability condition by a licensed medical provider (physician, dentist, practicing psychologist, optometrist, certified nurse-midwife, advanced practice nurse, or chiropractor).
  • Your injury or illness occurred during the execution of a crime.
  • Your injury or illness was self-inflicted.
  • Your most recent employer terminated your employment for gross misconduct on the job, if the conduct was a crime.
  • You received wages from the employer for working after you became disabled.
  • You developed disability during a labor dispute with the most recent employer.
  • You are still getting paid by your employer, and the pay and  temporary disability benefits in NJ combined would turn out to be higher than what you were getting before you developed a disability.
  • You are a government employee eligible for sick leave but you have not availed all of your sick leave.
  • In most cases, eligible employees for New Jersey’s state Temporary Disability Benefits (TDB) insurance program do not get benefits if they are getting partial wages from other programs such as workers’ compensation for unemployment.

You Don’t Have to Deal with the State for Your Temporary Disability Benefits in NJ

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If you switch to a private plan through EZTDB, you can take advantage of our first-class, white-glove concierge service that guides you and your employees through the claims process so there are no surprises. 

If you have tried dealing with the state of NJ to check the status of a claim, you may have ended up frustrated, with no answers. 

On the other hand, when you privatize TDB in New Jersey, our preferred carriers have state-of-the-art dashboards, apps, and claims service that is second-to-none. 

You can also save money on your premiums, get faster payouts, and bundle ancillary benefits like dental, vision, and Group Life/AD&D for added savings. Plus, when you privatize temporary disability benefits in NJ, your preferred carrier picks up the Taxes/Assessments for even greater savings. 

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