NJ Short Term Disability Insurance for Auto Dealerships


If you have full-time employees working at your New Jersey auto dealership, state law requires that you provide NJ short term disability insurance. Short term disability insurance in NJ is a shared benefit, which means your employees pay a portion of the premium in pre-tax dollars, and you pay the balance.

The problem is that premium costs have been rising steadily in the past years – and not in proportion to the partial income replacement that short term disability insurance provides.

The solution? Privatizing your temporary disability insurance through a top-rated, reputable carrier, rather than writing your plan through the state, could save you up to 20% on premiums. That could add up to hundreds – or thousands – of dollars over the course of a year, depending on the size of your NJ auto dealership.

It’s a money-saving tactic so smart, that it’s amazing every New Jersey business owner doesn’t take advantage of it.

But the sad fact is, 98% of New Jersey business owners write their statutory disability insurance policies through the state.

Privatizing TDB in NJ is as easy as a phone call to EZTDB at 631-293-5100.

Provide us with the number of male and female lives in your company, and we’ll shop your policy around to get you the best rates and best coverage.

Here’s another secret many New Jersey business owners don’t know: Private temporary disability insurance in NJ must cost the same or less than the state plan, and the benefits must be equal to or better than those provided by the state.

Get the Service You Deserve When You Privatize NJ Short Term Disability Insurance

In addition to cost-savings, privatizing your TDB coverage brings a host of important advantages:

  • Faster claims service
  • Faster payouts, with choices of payment forms
  • Quick, personalized assistance through our online chat
  • Policies written through top carriers
  • Save even more by bundling ancillary benefits with your temporary disability insurance

EZTDB has been in business in New Jersey and the New York Tri-State area for more than 40 years, delivering the best service to our customers.

From Fortune 500 firms to mom-and-pop shops, we provide the white-glove, concierge-level service we know auto dealerships across New Jersey appreciate. From customizing a policy to walking you through the paperwork, we are here to ensure you’re happy with your experience from that very first phone call.

Stay Competitive by Giving Your Employees the Benefits They Expect

We know that car sales are a numbers game. With tight deadlines and stressful sales goals, it’s important to hire top talent if your auto dealership is going to thrive in New Jersey.

While New Jersey auto dealerships aren’t exactly Silicon Valley tech leaders, providing employees with on-site massages, fitness centers, or craft beer bars, it’s important to offer a competitive benefits package.

Benefits for auto dealership employees should include:

  • Vision
  • Dental
  • Group Life/AD&D

These benefits can reduce financial stress on employees and ensure they get the ancillary care they need to look their best and stay healthy to continue being successful on your showroom floor or car lot.

When you privatize your NJ state short-term disability insurance with a top carrier, you can also bundle ancillary benefits with TDB for added cost savings and convenience. These steps can help you recruit and retain the top car salespeople in the state, helping you hit your sales goals each month.

Join the Elite 2% of New Jersey Business Owners

Now that you know how easy it is to switch from a state plan to private short term disability insurance in NJ, you might be wondering why you didn’t do it sooner.

Don’t look back. Just think about the future, when you can save up to 20% on NJ state short term disability insurance plus provide the ancillary benefits that will help you recruit and retain the top car salespeople and other employees in the state.

Contact us today to privatize your NJ state short-term disability insurance.